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A vote for sidewalks

March 27, 2008

Sidewalks along 38th StreetThe city next week will consider an ordinance making sidewalks a requirement for any new project in Marion County. When the ordinance was initially heard last October, officials from several local developers requested a continuance to review the new rule. Tammara Tracy, a principal planner with the Metropolitan Development Commission, said their concerns included a desire for flexibility for projects already begun and how much sidewalk was required. All subdivision residential development in the county already are required to include sidewalks but commercial and industrial development, and apartment construction projects, were not required to do so. In its revised form, developers in the middle of projects can opt to add sidewalks or pay a fee into a fund that will be dedicated to new sidewalks in the county. The full story is here. (Image is from The Urbanophile.) What do you think?
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