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Update: Check out proposed fixes for Di Rimini project

October 6, 2010

DiRimini fixes thumbThe developer of the Di Rimini apartment project at the southeast corner of Capitol Avenue and St. Clair Street has proposed a series of fixes in hopes of DiRimini fixes 2 thumbwinning approval from the city's planning staff. Among the additions: Masonry work on the entire first floor along Capitol and St. Clair, pillars made of synthetic stucco to give the building a more vertical look, black fencing to resemble the balconies, new residential doors, two new windows on the retail tower and awnings that had been ordered before the stop-work order. The city's planning staff is preparing a response to the proposal but already has suggested the changes will not be adequate to address 35 violations found with the building. To catch up on the controversy to date, read an earlier post here. What do you think of the proposed fixes?

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