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Masonic landmark turns 100

June 12, 2009

Indiana FreemasonMasonic groups this weekend will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Indiana Freemasons' Hall, formerly the Indianapolis Masonic Temple, at 525 N. Illinois St. The 1909 building has new exterior lighting to make it stand out, rooms have been freshly painted and decorated, and new policies now make it more accessible to the public than at any time in its history, said Christopher L. Hodapp, a member of the board of directors of the Indianapolis Masonic Temple Association. The building contains four Masonic lodge rooms, three ceremonial chapter rooms, social halls, two ballrooms, and a 600-seat auditorium that has been recently opened to the public for concerts and community theater. It is home to 10 Masonic lodges and 8 related groups. A capital improvement campaign is planned for the building to add air-conditioning and to modernize the stage, auditorium and kitchen, Hodapp said. The rededication ceremony will begin at 1 p.m. June 13 and include a speech by Congressman Dan Burton. The building will be open to the public after the ceremony.
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