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Colts defense worthy of an endorsement deal

January 18, 2010
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Peyton Manning is the new, and somewhat scary face, of Wheaties. But I’m not here to talk about Manning. After all, he’s got enough endorsements to choke an elephant.

I’m here to give props to the Indianapolis Colts defense, perhaps one of the most underrated—and certainly the fastest—defensive units in the NFL.
Singularly, they may not have Manning’s cache. Most of us couldn’t pick Raheem Brock out of a small crowd. A good many couldn’t name more than four of the Colts’ 11 defensive starters.

Still, as a group they should be attractive to a bevy of companies. Any company emphasizing speed, agility, reliability and tenacity should get in line while the Colts D can still be had for cheap. Super Bowl champs always command a premium.

I’m not an advertiser and I’ve never worked for an ad agency. But I’ve come up with a few ideas for companies that might want to partner with the Colts defense and tag lines they may want to employ.

Indy Racing League: We’re just as fast and exciting as the Colts D. And we have Danica too.

FedEx: As fast as the pony express, as reliable as Melvin Bullitt on fourth and two.

Security company: When you want security, but can’t afford these guys (picture of the Colts D here), call us. Or … Don’t even think about an end around.

Pizza delivery: Saucy … and fast too!

News outlet: First to the scene, our delivery packs a punch.

Financial planner: Smaller than a bull elk, faster and more nimble too.

OK, surely you can do better. So give me your best shot. Hmm, maybe that’s another one.

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