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NBA measures IU's Gordon

June 4, 2008
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ejpredraftThe vital statistics are in from last week’s NBA pre-draft camp. It’s official: Eric Gordon is nowhere near 6-foot-4— the measurement used by Indiana University when he played there last season—not even in his shoes.

The tape doesn’t lie, and Gordon was measured in Orlando at 6-foot-3 with his shoes on. When he was made to take his shoes off, he tickled the tape at 6-foot-2. That raised the eyebrows of some NBA general managers who might be considering the North Central High School grad as a shooting guard.

But Gordon’s other statistics measured up nicely against other lottery prospects. His 40-inch vertical leap was four inches better than Kansas’ Michael Beasley and two inches better than Arizona’s Jerryd Bayless. Memphis’ Derrick Rose also registered a 40-inch vertical leap. The only player of note with a higher jump was USC’s O.J. Mayo, who leapt 41 inches.

Gordon’s 3.01-second three-quarters floor sprint was better than Rose’s 3.05, Bayless’ 3.07 and Mayo’s 3.14. Beasley went 2.99.

Gordon surprised many on the agility course, registering a 10.81 seconds. The silky smooth Mayo could only manage a 11.04, while Bayless went 11.26, Beasley went 11.33 and Rose went 11.69.

Gordon also outshined most of the competition in strength drills. He lifted 185 pounds 15 times. Mayo could only lift 185 pounds seven times, while Bayless and Rose hoisted the weight 10 times. Beasley matched Gordon, and went four more, lifting 185 pounds 19 times.

Meanwhile, one of the Indiana Pacers’ top prospects, Texas’ D.J. Augustin, was measured at 5-foot-10 without shoes, registered a 35-inch vertical leap, 3.07 in the three-quarters floor sprint and 11.27 in the agility test.
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