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Philly DA pursues Harrison case

June 17, 2008
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The Indianapolis Colts’ marketing nightmare involving Marvin Harrison’s possible participation in a shooting incident in his hometown of Philadelphia appears far from over.

Philadelphia District Attorney Lynn Abraham this week asked police to reinterview witnesses in the case, a police department source told ESPN today.

Harrison was allegedly involved in a fistfight with a man in his Philadelphia bar, Playmakers, in late April. Sometime later, there was a shooting outside a car wash owned by the Colts wide receiver. One man was shot in the hand, another shot in the back. Broken glass from a car window sprayed a 2-year-old boy, who suffered minor cuts.

Police investigators determined through ballistic tests that six of the bullet casings found near the shooting on April 29 came from a handgun that Harrison surrendered to police. Philadelphia police are still trying to determine who fired the gun.

Harrison told Colts Coach Tony Dungy he was not involved in the shooting. Even if it is determined that Harrison is not the shooter, he could be charged with a crime if it is found that his gun was involved in a crime.
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