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Police think known criminal could target Colts fans

September 17, 2010
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Indianapolis Colts offensive linemen aren’t the only ones who need to be on guard Sunday night during the team’s home opener against the N.Y. Giants.

Fans attending Colts games this year—and in particular the one this weekend—will want to be on the lookout for the notorious car glass smasher, who has resurfaced downtown just in time for the season opener. Well, notorious might be a little over board, but this guy has caused quite a bit of mayhem for a number of Colts fans and other downtown visitors.

Here’s his game: He breaks a bunch of car windows, then approaches car owners after they return to their smashed cars and offers up his services to fix the glass (for a tidy sum). He likes to claim he’s the only guy available to do the job on short notice on Sundays. Now that’s audacious!

Indianapolis police today have issued a warning to those that will be attending the game Sunday night or who will otherwise be downtown over the weekend. Police officials said Tuan Chu, a 5-foot-8-inch, 145 pound Asian man was spotted downtown recently. Chu, who was arrested for smashing car windows in 2008, was recently stopped by police, and had all the tools with him needed to break and fix automobile windows and windshields.

Chu has a penchant for striking cars in hotel parking garages, but police said he could strike almost anywhere.

When I joined IBJ 12 plus years ago, I gave up writing stories out of the police blotter. But this development does have special significance for anyone going to the Colts game Sunday night—or at any time this year.

Police say anyone who sees any suspicious activity should call 9-1-1. And I don't mean fans donning Giants jerseys.

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