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NFL won't stream Colts game in London

April 13, 2016
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Indianapolis Colts fans who have unplugged from cable in favor of streaming their sporting events might want to plan to be at a bar or a friend’s house if they want to catch the Colts when they play in London on Oct. 2.

The NFL will not live stream its three London games next season, choosing instead to focus on streaming Thursday night games on Twitter, a league spokesman spokesman told Reuters.

The league has been experimenting with live streaming games as more fans are watching shows online and cutting the cord on cable. Last year, the NFL partnered with Yahoo to live stream a London game as part of an effort to gain more international viewers.

Earlier this month, the league announced that it had chosen Twitter as its exclusive partner for streaming its Thursday night games. As part of that deal, the league has decided against live streaming the London games for the upcoming season, league officials explained.

Twitter’s 800 million-plus users, as well as non-registered users, can live stream Thursday night games for free.

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