Which event from the world of Indiana politics and public policy had the biggest impact in 2011?

Carmel's Palladium opens strong, but venue struggles with funding and controversy over CEO's indiscretions and departure. [3 votes] (2%)
City of Indianapolis helps back host of high-profile projects, including City Way, Broad Ripple parking garage, Bush Stadium redevelopment, and more. [20 votes] (13%)
Right-to-work legislation sends Democratic lawmakers packing early in the year, and becomes top Republican issue for next session. [40 votes] (27%)
State education reforms (boosting charter schools, creating nation's largest voucher program, restricting teacher collective bargaining) rock the establishment. [37 votes] (25%)
Tragic stage collapse at Indiana State Fair unleashes storm of lawsuits and sparks debate over state's tort law and liability. [50 votes] (33%)
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