Lessons from a small bank

Sometimes one extreme sheds light on another extreme, and in a day when the nationâ??s financial system is
under the microscope for making all manner of rotten loans, the experience of tiny Kentland Federal Savings
& Loan Association might be…

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Obama and executive salary caps

All things considered, there shouldnâ??t be a fuss about President Obamaâ??s plan to cap salaries of executives
in companies that receive federal bailouts.

Thatâ??s the take of Dan Dalton, an Indiana University specialist on corporate governance.

Dalton points out that…

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Nearly free money on the way?

The Federal Reserve this week is expected to drop the rate at which banks loan money to each other below
1 percent. That means interest rates on loans for just about everything, from cars to housing, eventually
would fall further.


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A tiny Indiana bank and the bailout

Newton County Loan & Savings bank couldnâ??t be more out of the way â?? or more relevant in this day of
government bailouts.

The thrift is in Goodland, a burg between Lafayette and Chicago, and has all of $7.3 million in…

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Who will win the banking wars?

Itâ??s no secret that banks are in upheaval thanks to the subprime mortgage crisis and the domino affect mess
itâ??s creating.

In an IBJ story over the weekend, reporter Cory Schouten discusses the local grab for market share, as…

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