IU Health readies bond sale

The Indianapolis-based hospital system plans to sell $228.2 million in bonds this week to refinance existing debt and pay to finish construction of its Saxony hospital in Fishers, set to open late this year.

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Bond wariness might make it tough for cities to borrow

Interest rates on municipal bonds have ticked up in the last two months to pre-recession levels as investors have pulled their money from bond funds in droves. That pattern has begun, gradually, to reverse, but the higher rates could add to the cost of issuing debt for pending city projects.

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Bond swaps cost city units $93M in penalties

Wall Street bankers for decades sold municipalities like Indianapolis on debt instruments called swaps as a safe way to reduce
borrowing costs and hedge against rising interest rates. In reality, the swaps were complicated bets that relied
on misguided assumptions, and taxpayers paid.

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