Senate OKs health care measure, but work remains

The Senate has passed President Barack Obama’s landmark health care overhaul in a climactic Christmas Eve vote, extending
medical insurance to 30 million Americans. But the Senate’s bill still must be merged with legislation passed by the House,
and there are significant differences.

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Health Care bill clears key Senate test

Landmark health care legislation backed by President Barack Obama passed its sternest Senate test in the pre-dawn hours early
Monday, overcoming Republican delaying tactics on a 60-40 vote that all but assures its passage by Christmas.

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Indy route not part of high-speed rail funding application

The decision to sidetrack a 110-mph Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati train hasn’t received any attention
locally. High-speed rail could someday become an economic development engine here, but it has
not gained as much attention here as improved highways or a commuter rail line from downtown to Noblesville.

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