KATTERJOHN: Get out and vote for Wishard

You know, there’s an election on Nov. 3, right? We’re not voting for president, governor,
mayor, or even dog catcher. We’re voting for a critical piece of the health care delivery system in central Indiana: whether to allow Marion County
Health & Hospital Corp. to sell bonds to build a new Wishard Hospital.

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Long-term-care business to help Wishard cover construction debt

To pay for a shiny new downtown hospital, the parent corporation of Wishard Health Services will commit itself to yearly
debt payments 10 times as high as they are now. But Wishard officials have no doubt they can bear the extra load
because of places like Rosewalk Village, a nursing home that sits on the eastern side of Indianapolis.

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Wishard considers new hospital

Matt Gutwein and Lisa Harris drive into work each morning knowing their hospital, Wishard Health Services, will lose half
a million dollars that day. But they’re OK with that. In fact, they’re laying a plan to keep it up for the next 20 years.
Looming large on their to-do list: building a new hospital.

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