Powerway lays off 14 after losing software deal with Chrysler

Locally based Powerway Inc. is scrambling to shrink its work force and remake its business plan after the firm’s most lucrative
customer–the ailing automaker Chrysler LLC–said it will no longer use Powerway software or mandate its use among the company’s
hundreds of suppliers. Powerway laid off 14 employees and slashed salaries for many who remain after it learned of Chrysler’s
plans on June 6.

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Displaced older workers abandon hopes of landing similar work

A growing percentage of men and women nationwide are reaching a career crossroads at a time when most would hope to have it
made. Almost a quarter of the 3.8 million Americans displaced from their jobs from 2003-2005 were 55 or older, according to
the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, up from 21 percent in the prior three years.

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Auto-job slide accelerating

Indiana’s automotive manufacturing employment for the last decade peaked at 142,000 in 1999. Since then, the sector has shed
20,300 jobs-a staggering one-seventh of its total. Another 5,220 are slated to be cut soon. And there’s no end in sight.

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