Molecular biologist,David G. Skalnik will become associate dean for research and graduate education at the IUPUI School of Science in January. Since 1991, Skalnick has been a researcher at the Indiana University School of Medicine, leading a team of three in the study of epigenetics—factors that influence whether certain genes are turned on or turned off.

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IU shrink explores mental health blood tests

Dr. Alexander B. Niculescu, a psychiatrist at the IU School of Medicine, has won a five-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to hunt for the presence of certain proteins in the blood that would indicate that a patient suffers from a mood disorder, which afflicts one in five Americans.

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After health reform, Lilly looking for more

The health reform debate may have ended in Congress, but Eli Lilly and Co. remains active, sponsoring a talk about the positives of the
bill—and calling for further government efforts to help pharmaceutical research and development.

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