Baucus health reform bill draws fire in Indiana, too

The health insurance industry’s sudden counterpunch to the Senate version of health reform echoed in Indiana and
opened a key issue for the rest of the debate: Will covering half of the country’s uninsured mean raising premiums for
the 85 percent of Americans who already have insurance?

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Are Indiana Dems brain-dead?

Now that another General Assembly is mercifully behind us, itâ??s a good time to raise a festering question
about the lopsided nature of ideas bantered about the Statehouse in recent years.

Gov. Mitch Daniels has driven a wide-ranging agenda characterized by…

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Goldsmithâ??s latest venture

Former Indianapolis Mayor Steve Goldsmith, never one to let grass grow under his feet, has started a not-for-profit
with one-time presidential candidate Howard Dean to promote Goldsmithâ??s pet cause of public-private partnerships.

The Council of Project Finance Advisors aims…

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Fiscal crisis calls for drastic measure

Ind. Gov. Mitch Daniels will call the Legislature into special session to pass an acceptable budget, but some legislators think a budget that would satisfy the governor cannot be crafted by the contentious partisans in this developing fiasco.

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Fodder for special session

Charitably speaking, not much got done in the legislative session that ended Wednesday. Now Gov. Daniels plans
to call a special session to force passage of a budget, the only bodyâ??s only legal requirement.

Should anything else be put on the…

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