Let’s limit campaigns to public funds

The only way more ideas, more candidates, more party platforms can gain
any traction, any consideration by the public at large, would be for all political parties to receive, and run only on public

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Whatâ??s next for Daniels?

Mitch Daniels has plenty of reason to feel good about himself these days.

Last week, he won reelection in a landslide after cutting a wake through a change-averse state, and without
going negative on his opponent, Jill Long Thompson.

Daniels also needs…

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Obama, Daniels and Indiana

Change agents Barack Obama and Mitch Daniels won over Hoosiers yesterday, but from different ends of the
political spectrum.

Barack Obama took the state after a campaign in which he promised to increase regulations on business, raise
taxes on…

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Costumes for the politically astute

 Whatever costume you wore on Halloween, let Joe the Plumber, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tyrannosaurus Rex, President
Bush, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Sgt. Joe Friday and other characters of this election cycle continue to spark a lively
dialogue with your friends, family and neighbors.

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Obama raising more money in Indiana, but business interests stick with McCain

Republican Sen. John McCain has been unable to achieve the same Indiana fund-raising edge on his Democratic opponent that
President George W. Bush did in past elections. Bush rang up an Indiana fund-raising advantage of $1.7 million over Sen. John
Kerry in 2004, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. And his popularity in Indiana allowed
him to spend those dollars to help him campaign in other states while easily winning Indiana’s electoral
votes. But this election, Sen. Barack Obama had outraised Republican John McCain by $360,000 through the end of August, when
McCain’s decision to take public campaign funds forced him to stop raising funds directly for himself.
Obama did not take public funds, and so has continued to raise money.

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A historian previews the election

Jerry Handfield hasnâ??t lived in Indiana since 2001, when he moved to Washington to take a similar job overseeing
that stateâ??s archives.

But Handfield still keeps tabs on Indiana. So much so that he checks the Weather Channel when tornadoes

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Bloodbath on Wall Street

Thereâ??s no time like an election to make politicians nervous about taking a stand on a controversial issue,
and this afternoonâ??s House vote on the $700 billion bailout plan is no exception.

Many Republicans and some Democrats, leery about facing voters…

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What ails Jill?

If any governor were vulnerable to a strong challenge in a re-election campaign, it should have been Mitch
Daniels, who has made a lot of Hoosiers mad by pushing daylight saving time, leasing the Indiana Toll Road
and in general…

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Sarah Palin’s influence on Indiana

Sarah Palin won rave reviews for her speech last night at the Republican National Convention, as did Barack
Obama when he closed the Democratic convention last week.

This morning, the Associated Press quoted Democratic Party leaders in Indiana as saying Palin…

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Less zing in Daniels’ second term?

Mitch Daniels ran for governor four years ago promising to shake things up, and it would be hard to argue
that he hasnâ??t followed through.

Daylight saving time passed. Cigarette taxes were raised to fund health insurance. Property taxes were reformed.


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Susan Bayh as a political liability

Barack Obama is expected to announce his vice presidential running mate any day now, and Evan Bayhâ??s name
is still thought to be on the short list.

The Indiana senator is viewed as a moderate who would counter Obamaâ??s liberal voting…

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