Powerway finds its Waypoint

Back when the automakers were on a roll, Powerway Inc. looked so promising that a public offering seemed around the bend.
Now Powerway itself is gone—at least in name.

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Tech firm Powerway seeking rebound

Powerway Inc., the Indianapolis-based maker of manufacturing quality-control software that grew like gangbusters in the 1990s
and aimed for an initial public offering, has endured a dog of a half-decade. But that soon could change. Powerway just hired
an IT industry turnaround expert as CEO.

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Fortville firm’s helmet pads protect U.S. troops

Fortville-based Genesis Manufacturing makes helmet pads for U.S. troops through Colorado-based Skydex Technologies, which
won a contract this fall with the U.S. Air Force for 120,000 helmet pad kits. Most of the helmets have wound up in Iraq, where
the military has discovered soldiers need something more than Kevlar-lined helmets to survive roadside mines and exploding

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