Sept. 12 frenzy in Indy arts

I’m ready to officially declare Sept. 12 the most overloaded day of the Indy arts season.

For starters, there’s the Penrod Art Fair, occupying the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art from 9-5.

Then there’s Indianapolis Opera’s new Operapalooza…

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A step forward for Carmel PAC

The announcement that Steven Libman, former managing director of the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, is taking on the same job for the Carmel Performing Arts Center is a strong indication of the aspirations of the powers that be…

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Kaiser: Not time for arts cutbacks

Representatives from most of the area’s professional arts organizations — plus other interested parties — gathered yesterday at Butler for a Q&A session with Kennedy Center chief Michael Kaiser. It was the latest stop on his 50 state Arts in Crisis tour…

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Bates out at Madame Walker

Christopher L. Barney, new board chairman of the Madame Walker Theatre Center, announced today that Cynthia Bates will be leaving her job as President of the arts organization.

It’s the third major transition for Indy’s arts presenters over the past season,…

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NEA grants impact Indy arts groups

IBJ reporter Kathleen McLaughlin guest blogs today.

If our report last week about federal stimulus money for the arts piqued your interest, we have an update this morning from the Indiana Arts Commission. See the list below for details on who…

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NYC pt. 1: Road plays

For the next few posts, I’ll be logging in from New York City, where I’m on a multi-tasking trip that includes a trio (at least) of Broadway shows to review. I also will be reporting from BookExpo America, the publishers/booksellers…

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500 celeb spotting

Celeb spotting is kind of a human catch-and-release game. Seeing a familiar TV or film face, grabbing a photo, maybe scoring an autograph–all are signs of…what? I’m not sure. It’s not like seeing talented…

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Michelle Obama and the arts

Not content with just catching a show at the Kennedy Center, first lady Michelle Obama made a clear statement with this week’s trip to New York: She sees value in the arts and is interested in promoting them.

And not just mass appeal…

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Too much contact?

Arts organizations are tweeting. Arts organizations are facebooking. Arts organizations are inviting you to post reviews on their sites. Arts organizations are asking you to participate in surveys. Arts organizations seem to be trying every way to reach out to…

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Audiences behaving badly

It happened again on Sunday.

During an intensely delicate — and totally silent — moment in the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s production of “Rabbit Hole,” an audience member opted to unwrap a piece of candy. Not a get-it-over-with unwrapping, this process took…

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Cultural road tripping

I spent a fair amount of yesterday at a meeting with representatives of tourism departments from around the state. Each touted his or her region’s attractions–from Lincoln Amphitheatre (back in action this year) to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo,…

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Arts rally on the Circle

Monday is/was (depending on when you are reading this) the Indy Culture Matters Rally on  Monument Circle. Music starts/started at 11:30. Speakers at noon. I will be/was there. And I suspect many of you will/were be, too.

Enough of that. So share…

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