Keep Lynch as IU football coach

November 3, 2008
Thanks for [Bill Benner's] excellent on-point [Oct. 20] analysis of the Bill Lynch/Indiana University football situation. Having worked with Bill, knowing his character and seeing his abilities firsthand, the last thing IU should do now is to make a coaching change, once again.

Bill has the capabilities to succeed. With the new swirl of "change" permeating the air these days, with the departure of Sampson and its fallout, and the impending exit of Rick Greenspan, it would be great to provide some stability to a program that has had to endure seemingly constant disruption, misery and heartache since the firing of Bill Mallory in 1996.

Bill has earned and deserves ample opportunity to succeed.

Jim Muehling

Assistant football coach 1981-1996

Indiana University
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