Pre-race ceremony didn't measure up

June 19, 2010

Good [Bill Benner column on June 7] on the recap of the 500. One area that I disagree with you was your praise for the pre-race ceremony. It was plain awful this year. Very unorganized. I’ve been going to the race since 1987 and never once has it been anything but perfect. This year, Jewel’s microphone didn’t work for half the anthem, “Taps” was nowhere near being on time (neither was the flyover), the balloon release was very, very late, “Back Home Again” wasn’t on time, etc., etc., etc.

I’m a traditionalist and the pre-race ceremony for the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” is something that should never be screwed up, as it was.

Hopefully you were being kind in your IBJ article and actually noticed how poorly run the pre-race ceremony was this year. For someone who would have a much better chance getting the attention of the people in charge at IMS than I would, please voice my concerns.
Michael Miller

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