John Wooden column was a favorite

June 19, 2010

Week after week I read [Bill Benner’s] column. [On June 14] it really hit home. John Wooden has been my idol and will continue to be someone I strive to be for as long as I am breathing. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

I have volunteered with my mom and dad numerous times with the Special Olympics that occur here in Indianapolis every year. Normally they do their volunteer work through Indianapolis Power and Light and I just tag along. However, your article really does put it in perspective how strong-willed these individuals are.

As I said before, I have read probably hundreds of your columns, but this one really got me emotional. I appreciate you recognizing those courageous athletes within the Special Olympics program, as well as documenting all of the positives that Indianapolis and surrounding communities’ residents bring on a weekly basis. Thank you!

On another note, I disagree with Gordon Hayward going to the NBA. He has God-given talent, but it appears he may end up like another Josh McRoberts should he decide to go as early as he is going. You are correct with your [May 31 column]—the Pacers certainly don’t need another Josh McRoberts.
Mark T. Horwitz

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