Amos Brown has been boon to city

July 17, 2010

I thought your [July 5] article on Amos Brown was very well-done. Many years ago, Amos interviewed me each year regarding energy challenges of the low-income community. At the time, I was with a conservative company, so facing Amos in this context and during his self-described “hyper-quick to react” days always created a level of pre-interview anxiety for me. I can say every single time I found Amos to be thoughtful, well-prepared and, perhaps most important, as fair in his line of questioning as the day is long.

While Indianapolis clearly has progressed through the past 30 years, it has done so not only through bricks and mortar, but, perhaps more important, through the very few voices such as Amos Brown, who are willing to create discourse and surface meaningful and longer-term dialogue around the issues many would prefer to keep veiled.  

David E. Steele

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