Thanks for support of airport facility

December 18, 2010

I wanted to thank you for the editorial in [the Dec. 12] issue.

We do believe the positive turnaround of the Indianapolis Maintenance Center has been a quiet but substantial success—not just for the airport authority but for the greater Indianapolis community. The fact that the facility is fully leased is a testament to the collective efforts of several individuals, but especially Eric Anderson and his team in the property department.

We are also confident, as you suggest in the editorial, that our success with the IMC will serve as a “hint of what’s to come” as future airport development is considered in accordance with the land-use and development study plan [being released Dec. 17].

Thank you for your interest in airport initiatives. We appreciate the positive endorsement and support for our future endeavors.

One small note: We currently have 8,000 developable acres, not 80,000.


Susan Sullivan
Director of communicationsIndianapolis Airport Authority

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