'Two Million Minutes' begets India and China sequels

February 9, 2009

Angel investor Bob Compton has produced a pair of sequels to his 2007 documentary film "Two Million Minutes," which examined the differences between education in the United States, India and China. Pairs of high school seniors from each nation were the original film's subjects. The title refers to the amount of time spent in school, and the film explores how students in different countries use that time.

Last month, Compton released "Two Million Minutes in India Chapter Two: A Deeper Look at Indian Education." For the sequel, Compton filmed a roundtable discussion between the two American students and the two Indian students from the first film after all four had completed their freshman years in college. The sequel also includes an interview of a former principal of an elementary school in Bangalore, India.

Compton also released "Two Million Minutes in China Chapter Three: A Deeper Look at Chinese Education." Following the same format, it includes a roundtable discussion between the American students and their Chinese counterparts, plus an interview with the headmaster of a Chinese elementary school.

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