United Way of Central Indiana likely to keep administrative fee

August 27, 2011

United Way of Central Indiana is prepping for its annual fundraising campaign, but the Buffalo, N.Y., chapter’s elimination of a 13-percent administrative fee on designated gifts probably won’t be repeated here.

CEO Ellen Annala says UWCI has raised its fee since 2008 because of a decline in endowment earnings that help cover administrative expenses.

Annala Annala

Administration accounts for 12 percent to 14 percent of the budget, and UWCI covers that by charging donors 5 percent to 10 percent, Annala said. The fee was on the low end of the scale before the stock market collapse in October 2008, she said. The current fee, which applies to both designated and undesignated gifts, is less than 10 percent, Annala said.

The local United Way will kick off its campaign on Sept. 9 with a Colts-themed pep rally on Monument Circle.


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