Republic Airways pilots vote on strike authority

November 3, 2011

Republic Airways pilots who fly regional jets for several airlines are voting on whether to authorize a strike if negotiators can't agree on a new contract.

Pilots complain they haven't had a pay raise in four years and they want better scheduling and seniority rights.

Union president Patrick Gannon told WRTV that the pilots don't want to strike and understand the importance of a successful company.

WTHR-TV reported that Indianapolis-based Republic's first-year pilots make about $21,000 a year, compared to $39,000 for Jet Blue pilots flying the same planes.

The sides are meeting with a federal mediator, and voting by 2,300 union members continues until Nov. 23.

Republic flies regional routes for American, Delta, Continental, United and USAirways.

A Republic spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.


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