Hempstead needs a grip

March 2, 2013

I surely hope Sarah Hempstead [Feb. 25] was joking when she suggested we ask anybody about Indianapolis—inferring, I would guess, a blank stare.

Is her head in the sand? I have traveled most of the world, and Indianapolis is known as the auto racing capital. Go with it. Recognize it.

Hempstead asks, are we as “desirable as Seattle or Portland?” I lived in Seattle. It is foggy and rainy all winter. It has a high suicide rate. We are a lot more desirable.

Hempstead also asks, “Are we as cool as Austin or Minneapolis?” Has she ever been to Minneapolis in November, December, January, February, March and even April? Ask anybody their opinion of Minneapolis and you get the same answer. Cold! Snow! We are far better.

Take her example of Austin, Texas. If you like Willie Nelson twanging from every bar, if you think watching the bats fly out from under the bridge every night at sunset is a highlight, then I suggest Hempstead get hold of herself. Once again, we are much better.

Since Hempstead is president of the American Institute of Architects—Indiana, I suggest she tour the United States and reassess what she considers to be her benchmarks for desirability.

William Ellingson

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