Early education is key

July 6, 2013

I agree with Mickey Maurer’s [June 24] column about public education.

My wife has been an early childhood educator for over 35 years. She has seen firsthand what can be accomplished, or not, with young children ages 3-5 and she has been witness to the tremendous long-term benefits accruing from a loving, structured program for that age group.

I believe if we take care of starting the young children on the education path we will go a long way toward avoiding later problems due to poor education.

Unfortunately, to date, our state early childhood education efforts are noteworthy for the wrong reasons. As we offer more programs, my hope is they are run by teachers who are devoted to teaching the basics in structured classrooms to young children, before we try to be “too smart by half” and lose more generations of young children.

Al Brown

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