Coal decision will rock Indiana energy prices

July 20, 2013

The recent announcement of the president’s climate-change plan is a revealing look into the future of our nation and the crippling effect it will have on Indiana.

Coal generates 90 percent of electricity produced in Indiana, but the EPA and the president want to eliminate coal-fired generation.

Millions of households already spend more than a fifth of their take-home pay on energy; yet, with the EPA proposed regulations, national experts predict electricity prices will skyrocket.

There is no conventional technology available to meet the standards. We face the real possibility the electric energy we’ve become accustomed to may not be available when we plug in, since renewables contribute about 4 percent of Indiana’s massive energy needs.

Then there is the question of how to transport natural gas and renewables to the power plants across our state. Coal can be transported by truck, rail and barge. And Indiana has enough coal to meet the state’s current energy needs for 200 years.

By bringing clean-coal technology innovators to our state, we can lead the charge to an even better way forward.


J. Nathan Noland
president, Indiana Coal Council

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