Are Ball State ads good investment?

January 12, 2009
Although I disagree with most of [Bill Benner's column] in the Dec. 22 issue, I find the headline particularly disagreeable.

Ball State would be "wise" to check the return on their investments.

It would be interesting to see the interest gained by television commercials produced and advertising dollars spent on running them starring the "lovely" President Gora. I believe the national exposure and attention received by the recent football successes and ensuing notoriety far exceed such spots.

And being a good head coach at Wabash is not a litmus test for D1 football coaching ability. Carmel High School, maybe.

Bringing up Coach [Stan] Parrish's tenure at Kansas State probably is not a good thing either (2-30-1). Coach Parrish has many other solid feathers in his cap though and I wish him great success!

I think the truth lies somewhere between your "parental" opinions and Jason Whitlock's recent remarks on Foxsports.com.

-Rob Huddleston
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