Scales was pilloried

June 21, 2014

The [June 16] front page story about Councilor Christine Scales was very disappointing. It seems to me that what is missing at virtually all political levels are individuals who will in fact stand upon principles. Despite partisan bickering in the council, the city administration—Republican or Democrat—eventually seems to get what it wants.

I see little change in the policies of TIF abuse, excessive use of grants and abatements, and outrageous subsidy of professional sports, regardless of the party in control. The legislative branch always seems to give in, usually to the detriment of taxpayers.

One phrase in the article struck me particularly. She voted against a tax hike intended to “…shore up the Capital Improvement Board’s finances.”

Scales was absolutely correct. An agency which can give a $160 million “gift” of tax funds to a billionaire sports franchise owner—while demands are being made for another tax increase for adequate funding of public safety—does not need shoring up.

Scales should be applauded, not pilloried.

Fred McCarthy

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