Indiana University opening overseas offices

October 10, 2014

Indiana University officials are planning to open at least half a dozen overseas offices to help raise the school's profile around the world.

The offices will be a five-year experiment aimed at recruiting more international students, increasing research projects and boosting interaction and donations from graduates living in those countries, said David Zaret, the university's vice president for international affairs.

IU opened its Beijing, China, office in May and university President Michael McRobbie will visit one near New Delhi, India, this month, The Herald-Times reported.

Zaret said the next possible locations for IU offices are Berlin, Germany, and Istanbul, Turkey. Future offices in Africa and Southeast Asia also are being planned.

These sites won't become branch campuses, he said, but will become the university's home base in those countries where it can host events in its offices and conference rooms.

Ohio State University and the University of Chicago are among the few schools that have such international offices, Zaret said.

"Not a lot of other universities have gone down this route so far," he said.


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