Votes delayed on forming agency for planned lake

October 14, 2014

Officials are delaying votes on creating a multi-government agency to oversee plans for a seven-mile-long reservoir on the White River in central Indiana.

Project advocate Rob Sparks said he's asked the Madison County Council to push back consideration of the proposed Mounds Lake Commission until at least next month.

Sparks told The Herald Bulletin that reservoir planners want to have the next phase of an environmental study completed first.

The new reservoir commission would be made up of 12 elected officials from the Madison and Delaware county governments along with Anderson, Chesterfield, Daleville and Yorktown.

The estimated $450 million project would dam the river in Anderson to create a 2,100-acre lake.

Several environmental groups oppose the project and have proposed an alternative plan consisting of a system of trails connecting parks along the White River.


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