Westfield is transparent

November 8, 2014

The [Nov. 3] editorial implied that the Westfield administration is not being transparent. A press release issued at the June announcement for the indoor facility stated it was a partnership between the city and developer, Holladay Properties. Since then, the facility has been on the council agenda three times before a vote was taken Oct. 27.

The June press release, along with all documents related to the agreement, are easily accessible on the city’s website.

The indoor facility was part of the initial concept of Grand Park, created by a citizens group. That concept had the city paying to build the facility. The resulting arrangement made more financial sense. The city will lease the building and then sublease to other entities with a projected gain of $500,000 a year going to Grand Park.

This will make Grand Park a year-round economic driver, in turn lowering taxes.

It was presented in an open forum and voted on by elected officials.

Steve Hoover
Westfield City Council vice president, District 2

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