Soccer stadium deserves community support

December 5, 2015

The Indy Eleven NASL franchise has united suburb-dwellers, downtown yuppies, city alternatives, and our students from area colleges. It is amazing that a city who has been trying for years to build unity among our many sub-populations, to grow the tax base, and to draw residents back to the city limits isn’t willing to support this model franchise’s proposal for a new stadium [Attendance dip isn’t deterring Indy Eleven from seeking new stadium, Nov. 9 IBJ].

Even the Indianapolis mayor-elect and his opposition both ran on such a platform! When the Pacers are bad, no one talks about them. When the Colts were bad, no one would have thought about helping them build a new stadium. When Butler’s great basketball team does well but doesn’t get to the Sweet 16, no one seems to care. IndyCar racing only matters to people around town for a single weekend when the rest of the nation turns its eyes here.

Maybe the support will only come when Indy Eleven wins a championship and parade around the circle—which is a shame!•

Michael Bratcher

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