Time to shut off Dan Carpenter’s drivel

January 16, 2016

As a subscriber to the IBJ, I am asking you to please honor the note at the bottom of Dan Carpenter’s prejudicial commentary that reads, “Carpenter is a former newspaper journalist,” and NEVER print any additional commentaries from him [This liberal is wearing down, Dec. 28]. He needs to stay retired and keep his “drivel” to himself.

I found his comments about two people he saw in a Broad Ripple restaurant that he designated as “Tea Party voters” that he described as “two fleshy white guys with their ball caps and baggy shorts and piled plates at the next table ... open-carry warriors and pure haters of all things Obama and ‘foreign’” as offensive! I ask this even though I am not a member of the Tea Party but agree with virtually all of their 15 principles. I am also a financial services industry consultant with an MBA, my shorts are not baggy, and I work out regularly, sometimes with a ball cap on!

Having skimmed over numerous commentaries from Mr. Carpenter since moving to Indianapolis about 15 years ago, I am not surprised with his writing. As he admits in his commentary, he is a “prejudiced individual.” As such, I am not surprised that he would write about his differences with Tea Party principles with an immature and childlike observation of their members, many of whom simply want a smaller, less expensive and intrusive government that spends taxpayer money that is collected!

Since he would likely not respond to me, please ask him to refute any of the principles listed by the Tea Party on their landing page with a sound and logical argument. If he agrees to that, I will suspend, for his response only, my request that you NEVER print anything else he writes. I will also be stunned if it is indeed sound and logical!


Alan Thorup

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