Maurer’s Pence column may change few minds

February 27, 2016

The experience of writing in your well-followed publication as you did in the IBJ that Mr. Pence’s version of Christianity is for you, repellant, must be quite cathartic [Maurer: Pence’s brand of Christianity repels me, Feb. 1].

The opportunity to release such pent-up emotion certainly allows your blood pressure to stay at an acceptable level. Here’s to your continued good health!

While Mr. Pence may be unchanging, to the point of not sharing your perspective, many find the lapidary nature of some of their chosen religion’s ideals (heck even Moses received the Ten Commandments on stone tablets) to be reassuring in the uncertain times in which they may live.

But, for the man of progress and innovation, such as yourself … all elements need be negotiable, fungible.

And such vacillations are quite likely acceptable to you and your social circle.

The joy of owning the IBJ must reside in your being given the every-other-week opportunity to write what you think, sensing somewhere out there someone will listen … someone will care … someone will come to your point of view.

You’re then a man of influence, beyond what you’ve acquired in your other ventures.

That may all be true, Mr. Maurer.

Yet, it is also quite possible those reading your column will look at it, think about what they’ve just read and collectively shrug their shoulders and say to themselves, “who cares.”

And for you, that must be, at some level, most disconcerting.


Sherm Johnson

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