Kudos to governor for principled stand

March 19, 2016

Gov. Mike Pence is doing the right thing trying to battle our overbearing, unconstitutional federal government [Editorial: Pence’s stubborn energy stance ill-serves state, Feb. 29]

The doing away with coal is completely devastating to our economy and puts an undue hardship on all citizens. It will quadruple our electric bills. But apparently the government doesn’t care about that. They have put in regulations to clean up the output of coal-fired generating stations.

Clean air is good to slowly implement over a long period of time, but government regulations want to do it immediately, which is wrong.

Also, the alternative energy as companies like Solyndra that President Obama backed are horrible and devastating to the American people, and left taxpayers paying the $535 million bill.

So, go, Mike Pence. Fight the federal government all you can on these poor ideas for alternative energy, and leave coal alone.


Bill Berry

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