Bosma casts doubt on vaping law author's new bill

January 26, 2017

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma on Thursday expressed doubt that state Rep. Kevin Mahan’s new vaping bill would move forward.

Mahan, a Republican, is the author of Indiana’s controversial vaping law, which essentially created a monopoly in the e-liquid production industry.

He filed a bill Monday intended to address the “perceived monopoly” in the industry, but critics quickly snapped back, calling the proposal a “slap in the face” because it kept in place, though loosened, controversial security firm language.

“I’m not sure that bill’s going to move here,” Bosma said, signaling that the House would instead wait until a bill addressing the issue in the Senate comes to the House for approval.

“I know the Senate is working hard on Senate Bill 1 and we’ve had some discussions with them about that,” Bosma said. “We’ll probably look for Senate Bill 1 to be the vehicle on the vaping issue.”

Critics of the vaping law are supporting Senate Bill 1, authored by state Sen. Randy Head, a Republican. That bill eliminates the security firm requirements and essentially brings back an open market with manufacturing safety requirements that Head calls “common sense” restrictions.

Head’s bill was heard in committee Wednesday but it was not voted on.

Bosma said the House would address the controversial law this year.

“We all pledged we were going to take another look at the security measures that were included last year, so it’s proper that we’re doing so,” Bosma said.


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