Fishers to consider ban of vaping, chewing tobacco in city parks

January 16, 2018

The city of Fishers wants to ban vaping in its parks, where cigars, cigarettes and pipes are already prohibited.

A proposed ordinance drafted by Fishers' parks department will go before its city council Tuesday night. It states that the proposed ban is "in the spirit of promoting a culture of health and positive example for youth."

The ordinance would ban electronic cigarettes and other cloud-producing nicotine delivery devices from city parks and public spaces, The Indianapolis Star reported. Chewing tobacco and snuff would also be banned.

Indiana's indoor smoking ban applies to most public places, including restaurants and hotel rooms, but doesn't ban vaping.

The U.S. Surgeon General says the vapor clouds exhaled by people using electronic smoking devices expose young children to potentially dangerous levels of nicotine and other chemicals.


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