Anderson, former mayor to pay $30K to settle ballot lawsuit

June 17, 2018

The city of Anderson and its former mayor will pay $30,000 to a former city worker who filed a lawsuit alleging she was arrested for trying to deliver her mother's absentee ballot.

The city will pay $20,000 through its insurance policy, while former Mayor Kevin Smith will pay $10,000 under a May settlement. The Anderson Herald Bulletin said Smith would pay $5,000 through his insurance and the rest from his campaign fund.

Police responded in October 2015 to a report of a mishandled absentee ballot at an assisted living facility, where Smith was meeting residents.

Diana Priser, a former employee of the city of Anderson who was terminated from her position when Smith took office in 2012, alleges she was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned while trying to deliver her mother’s absentee ballot.

She alleges he tried to take the ballot and called police, who detained her.

Smith denied liability and said the lawsuit was settled to avoid a "costly legal battle."


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