Indiana on right track

May 17, 2014

Shaw Friedman writes in his [April 29 Viewpoint] that “tax cuts undermine prosperity” and laments the move to cut business taxes over the past decade of Republican leadership. I suspect that the governmental entities’ prosperity will be undermined but maybe not the entire state’s.

To make the point that the economic cesspool that is Illinois is actually outperforming Indiana, Friedman goes long and refers to Site Selection Magazine to point out that Illinois has 383 projects involving more than $1 million in investment compared to Indiana’s 103.

Friedman did not mention Illinois’ unemployment rate of 8.4 percent compared to Indiana’s 5.9 percent. In 2012, Indiana’s economic growth rate was 3.3 percent to Illinois’ 1.7 percent. In addition, governing.com shows Illinois with per-capita debt at $2,234 compared to Indiana’s $196. So how is that high-tax, high-spending plan working for Illinois?

John Sorg, McCordsville

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