Remy unveils 'off the shelf' electric motor

October 6, 2009

Pendleton-based Remy International today formally unveiled its “off the shelf” electric motors for hybrid vehicles.

Remy has for years produced electric motors for General Motors’ hybrid SUVs, such as the GMC Denali and Cadillac Escalade.

Remy CEO John Weber last month told IBJ that the standardized line being unveiled would allow the company to offer to hybrid automakers a variety of applications quickly and at a lower cost, as opposed to custom-tailored applications for a particular vehicle.

Remy is primarily known for automotive alternators and starters. But Weber estimated motors for hybrid vehicles could amount to one-third of Remy sales in five years.

The company, formerly part of General Motors, recently announced a hybrid motor supply contract with Daimler AG, and is to announce another contract later this year.

Standardization could support mass-production of hybrid motors, possibly in Indiana, although Remy has yet to announce plans.

It already produces a small amount of hybrid motors at its Anderson facility.  Over the last several years, Remy moved production of automotive components out of Anderson to low-wage countries.


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