California restricts state-paid travel to Indiana, other states due to transgender laws

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California Attorney General Rob Bonta has restricted state-funded travel to Indiana, Arizona, Louisiana and Utah as a result of what he called “anti-LGBTQ+ legislation recently enacted in each state.”

The new additions are the 17th through 20th states to be added to California’s state-funded travel restrictions list. All four states were added over new state laws affecting transgender participation in school sports.

The restrictions are prescribed by law in California pursuant to Assembly Bill 1887, which was enacted in 2016. The law restricts state agencies, departments, boards or commissions from authorizing state-funded travel to a state that— after June 26, 2015—enacted a law authorizing, or repealing existing protections against, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Indiana was added to the list as a result of passing House Bill 1041 in March. Lawmakers then overrode Gov. Eric Holcomb’s veto of the legislation in May. The law bans transgender girls from playing on female school sports’ teams but doesn’t affect boys sports.

Holcomb vetoed the bill, saying the Indiana High School Athletic Association had a current policy that was handling the issue with no problems. But his Republican colleagues disagreed.

The bill originally also included college and professional sports but those were removed early in the process.

“Make no mistake: There is a coordinated, ongoing attack on transgender rights happening right now all across the country,” Bonta said in written comments. “Blanket legislation targeting transgender children is a ‘solution’ in search of a problem. It is detached from reality and directly undermines the well-being of our LGBTQ+ community. We’re committed to standing up against discrimination in all its forms.”

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35 thoughts on “California restricts state-paid travel to Indiana, other states due to transgender laws

    1. USC is a private institution as such would not be bound by this. UCLA only joined the Big 10 because of a promised $100 million dollar payment which will keep them solvent. It was reported today that Covid restrictions in CA has resulted in a $130 million debt for the athletic department.

  1. Congratulations Hoosiers! Thanks to their kindness to heroin users and their accommodation of homeless squalor, California is known today for intermittent outbreaks of typhoid and other third-world diseases. Furthermore, there seems to be mainstream acceptance of open defecation on the sidewalk. In the interest of public health, it’s probably best to keep Californians quarantined in the Golden State.

    Let it be known that these executive orders do not seem to apply to California governor Patrick Bateman, any more than Gov Bateman’s social distancing rules apply to him when he wants a quality meal with his buddies at French laundry. These laws are for the “little people”…who are probably more likely to carry typhoid anyway. So it all makes perfect sense.

    By the way, I presume this is the same California AG that recently “accidentally” doxxed the state’s lawful concealed-carry permit holders? What a place!!

    1. You ignore the fact that CA accounts for 15% of the total US GDP. They must be doing something right.

    2. BTW…. Texes only accounts for 8% of the US GDP, in case you think just being a large state makes for higher percentage of income.

    3. California is one-eighth of the country’s population, Dan. But is losing ground. And a major reason it represents such $$$ is the extraordinary cost of doing business there.

      California continues to be a lucrative place for certain corporations. So is Sao Paolo within Latin America. That doesn’t mean we should use it to excuse and justify the astronomical destitution right beside all that wealth…all the more ironic given that California elects more politicians committed to “equity and inclusion” than anywhere else in the country–yet their income disparity is still closer to the Global South than anywhere else.

      Some of the most dysfunctional countries in the world still have an elite class: Nigeria, Brazil, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea. Even extreme poor countries like Haiti and El Salvador also have this. What is in extreme short supply in these places is a robust MIDDLE CLASS. This is something California had in spades as recently as the 1990s. But the current leadership seems to be draining it of this middle class to allow the two extremes, and it seems to be doing so deliberately.

      How many people SERIOUSLY want to pay $3500 a month to live a studio apartment in San Francisco when the junkies are camping on the sidewalk nearby for free? And they can’t even support a drug store for all the rampant, largely tolerated shoplifting?

      Keep defending your ideology rather than looking at its flaws head-on.

    4. Lauren B:

      Gavin Newsom is the Governor of California. As for “homeless squalor,” many cities grapple with this issue, including Indianapolis, although not to the degree of San Francisco or Los Angeles.

  2. California is a state that reduced the penalty for knowingly infecting someone with HIV to a misdemeanor so you know they are totally all about protecting people.

  3. Better for us Hoosiers. Keep the Californians in California. Protect our state from what they are doing to other states and cities like Montana, Boise Idaho, Denver, Austin, Phoenix, Nashville etc. They are taking their failed policies to these cities and states and quickly ruining them as well. Not to mention driving up the price of real estate by overpaying.

  4. To all those cheering this on, we will see more of this. Hope you get to enjoy visiting all your kids and others who flee Indiana because Republican-controlled government is determined to turn back the clock the the 19th century.

    1. If California is what we have to aspire to, then the 19th century might be an improvement. Even before most places had indoor plumbing, they didn’t tolerate what is normal in LA and SF in 2022.

      Keep deluding yourself that “progress” is a straight line, and keep remaining arrogant enough to thinking that one political wing has is the vanguard for this “progress”.

    2. Don’t encourage Indiana legislators. They’d already like to take things back 60 years …

      They, like you, don’t have anything otherwise constructive to offer when it comes to progress or alternatives. But please, go on some more about places far away and how those are truly the bad places to be.

      Really rich to bemoan the lack of middle class in California while the same exact thing happens here in Indiana. We don’t have enough college graduates in Indiana, and enough of them take their parchment and decide they’ve had enough and flee to other places. But we have lots of warehouses where people can make, what, $20 an hour? Good luck living on that.

      Meanwhile Indiana companies build new factories, the ones that truly pay good wages, in other states and tell us why – we don’t have the workforce. But here we are, ready to make inflation worse with another meaningless tax “refund” rather than invest in the future.

    3. Joe, again thinking like it’s still 2005.

      The cachet of “Rise of the Creative Class” has come and gone. College graduates don’t matter any more. Most colleges are ideological cults eager to corrupt our lower ed and make it as fundamentally useless as higher ed has become. Unfortunately they’re succeeding. Fortunately this means absolute institutional collapse, as we can look forward to hundreds of small/medium/increasingly large institutions going bankrupt in the years ahead from empty promises to young grads (the ones they brainwash and make fundamentally less employable than a high school dropout) while using their high price tags to spend on plush buildings and useless administrators, rather than a truly classical, liberal curriculum. They haven’t been doing that since the late 1990s.

      I’d say Indiana can be quite happy with those warehouses. The entire nation is “stagnant” in no small part because the chief people of birthing age–Gen Z-ers and millennials–are so brainwashed that they think the world’s going to end in climate catastrophe by year 2040 so they won’t have kids…that is, provided these mass psychosis sufferers even know how to use their genitals for reproduction. Many don’t.

      Why do you believe so arrogantly that one party is the standard-bearer for progress? Why do you presume–along with virtually everyone else loyal to this party–that you are so much more intellectually, culturally, and morally superior to the people who lack your institutional heft and virtue? Why do you fail to see how similar this makes you to a certain subset of melanin-challenged southerners who felt the exact same way in the 1950s/60s, convincing themselves they were virtuous while they punched down on people who were weaker than them…including meddling with the elections?

      Morality binds and blinds.

    4. Those warehouses will be staffed by robots in two decades or so, brought to us (probably) by international students of our American colleges, leaving those workers even more time to figure out their genitals while on unemployment.

      So you’ve got that going for your worldview, which is nice. Go on and explain how people are going to have a middle class lifestyle on $40,000 a year working at a warehouse.

      I said nothing about either party, but that’s always your move, the pivot towards justifying your behavior. Make a case that can stand on its own. You’ve yet to explain the benefit of populism. Me, I just see a bunch of grifters who have people con’d six ways to Sunday. No different than any politician, but with the added benefit of even more incompetence and graft.

      The best course of action would be for those populist clowns in Indiana, the John Jacob’s and Todd Rokita’s and Diego Morales’ of the world, to go away and never haunt the halls of government again. If those are your people, the loons, the grifters, and the incompetent, you’ve lost me further.

      But I’m supposed to hold my nose and vote for those because … liberals are worse than people who hate America?

      Again, feel free to offer constructive alternatives instead of just complaints wrapped in the flowery language. You kind of failed on that front last time… yet again.

      And, by the way, me thinking I’m smarter than 98% of the people who post here has nothing to do with my political party.

  5. Sorry, alexander m. The facts just aren’t bearing that out. The 2020 Census shows that “red” states are typically growing and “blue” states typically are shrinking. In the census, the three big winners based on population growth were Florida, Texas and North Carolina, where the three biggest losers were California, New York and Illinois. In fact California lost ground for the first time in history, so i don’t think that is a trend that should be considered anything short of noteworthy. In the Midwest FWIW, population is relatively stagnant.

    1. Big A, It really doesn’t improve your argument when you go to the New York Times for a source. They still think Russian Collusion was real and Hunter Biden isn’t a felonious thug.

  6. With few exceptions, it’s the usual backwards people on this board glorifying hate as part of their culture – in this case, transphobia. And toss in some homophobia for good measure. Won’t be long before sensible states, companies, and residents decide to avoid Indiana and other troglodyte states for their forced-birth laws.

    1. Yes, the states will be the laboratories of innovation as it should be.
      Companies and residents will make their decisions based on that accordingly.

      Second, if your Blue states are so smart and progressive, then why are so
      many of their residents fleeing to the Red States of the South.
      ****. In fact the second great black migration is from the North East and Industrial Midwest States to the Southern Red States.******

      I also find it interesting that the so called tolerant leftist are the most judgmental bigots by far.

    2. Keith, a possible explanation to your question about migration is there are plenty of redneck racists even in the blue states and they are moving to be with their own.

    3. Randy S. –
      Lol….Sorry Randy, I really don’t think your explanation has merit.
      The Red States, particularly in the South are where the bulk of economic
      expansions are taking place. Anywhere from warehouse to high tech.
      Even corporations are moving their head quarters from the Blue States
      to the red states.

      Hmmmm?? So only redneck racist….. Where you going to live??
      What are you going to do??? Oh my!??