COVID-19 hospitalizations in Indiana reach all-time high

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COVID-19 hospitalizations have hit an all-time high, according to the latest numbers reported Tuesday by the Indiana State Department of Health.

The health department said COVID hospitalizations climbed to 3,467 on Monday, topping the previous pandemic peak of 3,460, reached on Nov. 30, 2020.

Hospitalizations related to COVID have risen 22% over the past month and 167% over the past two months.

COVID patients occupy 38.4% of Indiana’s intensive care unit beds. The state has 10.6% of its ICU beds available overall.

“Indiana hospitals are overwhelmed with the highest number of patients on record and have reached a state of crisis with dwindling capacity left to care for patients,” Indiana Hospital Association President Brian Tabor said in a statement. “Our emergency departments are seeing 8,500-10,000 visits per day, and at any given point there are several hundred patients boarding in emergency departments around the state awaiting open beds.”

Tabor said hospital patient volumes are expected to climb for the next couple of weeks. He also urged Hoosiers to seek COVID-19 tests at primary care sites including physician offices and urgent care centers and not at hospital emergency rooms.

The state health department also reported 110 new deaths from COVID, increasing the cumulative death toll to 19,194. The seven-day moving average of deaths was 32 per day.

Another 11,932 Hoosiers tested positive for COVID, the department said.

More than 3.58 million Hoosiers had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Tuesday at 5 a.m. More than 1.5 million Hoosiers have gotten vaccine boosters.

The department said 59.6% of Indiana residents 12 and older are fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 cases

*New COVID-19 cases: 11,932

Total cumulative cases: 1,378,562

COVID-19 deaths

New deaths: 110

Total cumulative deaths: 19,194

COVID-19 testing

New tested individuals: 9,921

Total cumulative tested individuals: 4,852,936

Cumulative positivity rate unique individuals: 27.8%

Cumulative positivity rate all tests: 9.6%

Seven-day positivity rate unique individuals: 38.8%**

Seven-day positivity rate all tests: 26.3%**

** The health department reports the 7-day positivity rates with a six-day lag to allow time for more comprehensive results.

County numbers

Marion County cumulative cases: 188,205 (increase of 1,998)

Marion County new deaths: 12

Marion County cumulative deaths: 2,452

Marion County 7-day positivity rate unique individuals: 47.4%

Marion County 7-day positivity rate all tests: 34.2%

Hamilton County cumulative cases: 66,150

Hendricks County cumulative cases: 32,642

Johnson County cumulative cases: 34,464

Madison County cumulative cases: 26,437

Boone County cumulative cases: 12,366

Hancock County cumulative cases: 16,843

Morgan County cumulative cases: 12,931

Shelby County cumulative cases: 10,597

COVID-19 vaccinations

Statewide totals (Dec. 14, 2020–Jan. 11, 2022)

First dose administered: 3,676,226 (daily increase of 3,784)

Fully vaccinated: 3,587,376 (daily increase of 2,771)

Booster doses: 1,506,810 (daily increase of 9,568)

Indiana intensive care unit usage

ICU beds in use by COVID-19 patients: 38.4%

Available ICU beds: 10.1%

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30 thoughts on “COVID-19 hospitalizations in Indiana reach all-time high

  1. It’s interesting that although there is a clear lag in reporting deaths, the state does not use a lag in reporting its 7-day moving average of Covid deaths. The report of the 7-day moving average deaths being 32 seems misleadingly low. Look at the state’s Covid dashboard and go back one week and the moving average of deaths is 51/day. Go back two weeks and the moving average of deaths is 60/day. If you look at the dashboard frequently or periodically, you’ll see that the graph makes it look like Covid deaths are always on the downswing over the past week or two. They use a week lag in reporting the 7-day moving average of test positivity and indicate that data in the previous week is preliminary. Why don’t they do the same for deaths?

    1. A 7-day average is supposed to smooth reporting delays and weekends.

      Keep in mind that through the pandemic, increases in deaths typically have lagged increases in hospitalizations by 2 weeks or more…and it takes an extra week to tip a 7-day average upward as the older data is purged from the average.

    2. The problem is the 7-day average is painting an inaccurate picture when it isn’t including deaths that did occur within the 7-day period, but won’t be reported for another week. This is why the 7-day average always looks like it’s on the decrease, because a significant portion of the deaths don’t get reported and included in the state’s Covid dashboard until 10 or 14 days after they occur. Thus, those deaths never appear in the current 7-day average. Do you think the actual 7-day average of people dying from Covid has dropped ~50% in the last two weeks?

    1. Science disagrees with you Randy.

      Oh, and staffing is the under reported issue at these facilities.

    2. JCB – hard to argue with someone who won’t listen to reason. The science is crystal clear that, although the vaccinated catch Covid, the unvaccinated are 17 times more likely to need to be hospitalized and 20 x more likely to die. So it’s definitely the un-vaxxed that are clogging the hospitals and ERs. And the reason hospitals are understaffed is the unvaxxed are clogging the hospitals and passing along Covid to HC workers. You must be listening to Hannity and his ilk to think it’s the hospitals” fault that they are at capacity.

    3. Randy, isn’t it weird that Republicans are causing ER’s to be full in Democrat heavens like IL, NY, and MI? We even got AOC infected!

    4. J C B listens to interesting people, like Russian state television. They’re definitely fair and balanced. I’m just surprised he hasn’t pushed the “drink urine to prevent COVID” since that’s the new idea among the anti-vaxers.

      And, Chuck, as a reminder, big city hospitals fill up because rural hospitals send their hard cases upstream. They have more capacity and better equipment.

    5. Chuck, your reasoning is pathetic. There are unvaccinated Republicans even in Blue states. And I hope you are aware that the Omicron variant, in particular, is highly contagious.

    6. So, essentially what you are saying is that if a person is unvaccinated he/she has to be a Republican; is that accurate?

    7. Lance – In a nutshell, that’s correct. Unvaccinated = Republican for the most part.

      As of Oct 1, 2021, 90% of Democrats had been vaccinated compared with just 58% of Republicans. So, that means 81% of the unvaccinated are Republicans vs. 19% Democrats.

      Facts are stubborn, aren’t they? And math is “hard”.

    8. Randy and Joe can keep spinning things and making up data via their twitter/google sources.

      Was in surgery today. And the local hospital is relatively empty but no elective cases allowed still.

      The issue: staff.

      And it’s not that they are burned out. It’s the health systems don’t want to pay people. So they find other ways to work or get paid double to be a traveling nurse.

      The unvaccinated are hardly the issue.

      And equating a political view as solely “unvaccinated vs vaccinated” is hilarious. It’s forced segregation. People make decisions. And the data continues to break down this farce of a game by political healthcare agendas.

      CDC this week:
      – 75% of deaths more than 4 comorbidities
      – 20% more reimbursement is hospital labels a patient “with COVID”
      – masks don’t work unless N95

      The media in 2020: Any president who lets 200,000 people die is not fit!

      Well the current POTUS has tallied 3x that. He hasn’t “shut the virus down,” because it was a false premise to start.

      Line up for that 4th vaccine. Because Pfizer wants you as a customer every 3 months indefinitely.

      That’s assuming inflation doesn’t change those free vaccines first.

    9. JCB, the comorbidities number you mention is only for the rare vaccinated person who dies of Covid. Listen to the entire comment from Dr. Walensky of the CDC. Among the small number of people who acquire Covid and die after being fully vaccinated, 75% of them have four or more comorbidities. The point being that vaccination is extremely effective at preventing death. Those who aren’t vaccinated can easily die of Covid with fewer comorbidities.

    10. Imagine being Joe B in this day and age when you think NPR is a better news source than Breitbart….or RT for that matter.

      Being perhaps the most extreme example of confirmation bias we have here at IBJ, Joe B will never find a news source that challenges his views that he doesn’t resoundingly reject. He already knows the answer. And merely pulls the legacy sources that affirm it.

      And yes, I’m equating Breitbart with Russia Today and NPR because they’re all partisan swill.

      Joe B has actively quoted Media Matters, which makes those three aforementioned hack sites seem neutral by comparison. Media Matters is every bit QAnon for leftists. I mean, if you genuinely think the OK hand sign is a white supremacist code, you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.

      As for Randy saying the unvaccinated are Republican, the least vaccinated county in Illinois as of August ’21 was Cook County–not exactly a hotbed of Republicanism there. Then again, African Americans (quite prevalent in Cook County) have a particularly high rate of vaccine hesitancy (no doubt not trusting the CDC, thanks in part to the fact that it oversaw the Tuskegee Experiments. And while those happened a long time ago, the CDC allowed the lies to continue for nearly a half century.) Then again, we all know more and more African Americans are leaving the Democratic party and becoming Republicans. So maybe Randy’s right…hmm.

    11. Please, lecture me more about pulling data to only represent my perspectives as you pull five month old data to attempt to make a point and commit the same sins you accuse me of.

      Are you unfamiliar with how to search the Internet, are you that behind on reading old newspapers, or are search engines just tools of the media elites?

      Illinois vaccination rates… not that hard to find. Cook County has 68% of their population vaccinated, well more than numerous Illinois counties. That took around 45 seconds to pull up and cross check.

      I know, I know. You can’t trust these sources because they’re “legacy”, whatever that means. I guess it means they tell you things you might not want to hear. Better to only listen to what you want to hear. Dangerous whirlpool to the bottom there.

      Also, if you’d maybe read for comprehension, you would note that I pulled and shared data in just this thread that conflicts with the NPR data that so triggers you. Why would I have posted data showing more cases of COVID in blue counties if I was so scared of my worldview being challenged?

      You talk a really good game devoid of substance. An empty suit like Banks or Gaetz or MTG, equally worthy of banishment to the same fringes of society that their John Birch Society forefathers once resided.

  2. Randy – you’re political slant on this is a joke. I’m sure every hospital patient with COVID that is clogging the hospitals is a white Republican Trumper (eyes rolling). So sick of this ridiculous narrative by head spinning liberals like yourself. It must be exhausting to be you. And Chuck made a very valid point above regarding the heavy democrat areas that are also experiencing the same situation.

    1. “Since May 2021, people living in counties that voted heavily for Donald Trump during the last presidential election have been nearly three times as likely to die from COVID-19 as those who live in areas that went for now-President Biden. “

      “NPR looked at deaths per 100,000 people in roughly 3,000 counties across the U.S. from May 2021, the point at which vaccinations widely became available. People living in counties that went 60% or higher for Trump in November 2020 had 2.73 times the death rates of those that went for Biden. Counties with an even higher share of the vote for Trump saw higher COVID-19 mortality rates.”

      “In October, the reddest tenth of the country saw death rates that were six times higher than the bluest tenth, according to Charles Gaba, an independent health care analyst who’s been tracking partisanship trends during the pandemic and helped to review NPR’s methodology. Those numbers have dropped slightly in recent weeks, Gaba says: “It’s back down to around 5.5 times higher.”

    2. And if you’d like an update on that with Omicron, like I did, here it is.

      Turns out there are more cases in the blue counties (twice as many than in red counties) but there are still far more deaths (three times as many) in red counties over blue counties.

      Doesn’t matter if Omicron causes milder cases on average … it also causes more cases in total, so we end up with more people in the hospital.

    3. Michael Q – please read my other responses c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y…… and maybe you can stop rolling your eyes.

      As to which people are in the hospitals, it’s common knowledge that it’s almost exclusively the unvaccinated that get hospitalized. And who are the most likely to not be vaccinated? Republicans for the most part. As of Oct 1, 2021, 90% of Democrats had been vaccinated compared with just 58% of Republicans. So, that means 81% of the unvaccinated are Republicans vs. 19% Democrats.

      Next up on your “I can’t believe you said that list”: “White Republican Trumpers” is true since: (1) the republican party is dominated by white people (which, before you draw an incorrect relationship, there are plenty of whites who are democrats); and (2) the vast majority of republicans still support Trump.

      And my reply to Chuck about why there are outbreaks in Blue states: “Chuck, your reasoning is pathetic. There are unvaccinated Republicans even in Blue states. And I hope you are aware that the Omicron variant, in particular, is highly contagious.

      Facts are stubborn, aren’t they? And math is “hard”.

      But have another go at it if you want.

  3. Randy – I’ll explain this very carrrrrrefully for you and people like Joe to compehend because I live it everyday and don’t rely on slanted sources like NPR. My company is on the front line of COVID everyday and we employ 1000+ healthcare workers. I can assure you that the overwhelming majority of these people are NOT Republicans and I can assure you that it has been an absolute year+ battle to convince them to get the vaccine. So, Randy, stay in your lane pal and spin your head somewhere else.

    1. “Slanted sources”. Adorable.

      How do you know your staff is not Republican, and, if you could, please detail any/all incentives you offered to them to get vaccinated.

      Also since you’re Mr. Healthcare, you can attest that the smaller rural hospitals send their worst patients upstream to the big city hospitals, right?

    2. Joe:

      NPR is a slanted (biased) source. Simple fact.

      Further, why should I or any employer offer “incentives” to get them vaccinated?

      Ever heard of HIPAA?

      Do employers offer people more money not to smoke, eat fast food?

      Talk about a nanny utopia!

    3. As the joke goes, facts have a well-known liberal bias, JCB. I note you didn’t bother to come up with refuting anyone else’s math and just took a lazy swipe at NPR. Limbaugh did the same thing a lot back when I listened to him daily, before he blew his ears out on pills.

      Anyway, you familiar with higher health insurance premiums for the obese and smokers? They’re common place and very legal.

      I expect very soon that we shall see that those who refuse vaccination will face higher premiums because, on average, they will incur higher costs when they’re infected. Unless of course the state of Indiana makes that illegal.

      You can whine about how you’re smarter than the actuaries and how they’re flaming liberals. Be my guest. Just recognize you’re asking for socialized medicine, for more political intervention in medicine. I thought you were against that?

      By the way, any opinions on the latest COVID miracle cure from your neck of the woods in the “unbiased media”, drinking urine? What will they think of next, huh?

      Come back any time you’d like more.

    1. No facts, huh.

      I haven’t seen someone do this badly under pressure since I watched Carson Wentz on Sunday.

  4. I guess the saddest thing about this farce is that we’ve upended society globally, overtly striven to create a new pariah class, crushed thousands of businesses and millions of jobs, witnessed exponential growth in crime and social alienation…

    …all for a disease that in Indiana has killed fewer people over two years than the population of Franklin.

    If you’re still naive enough to think this isn’t about control and power, you’re naïve enough to keep getting the jab every three months and keep jabbing your six-year-old, who is more likely to die of meningitis than the coof.

    But there’s no such thing as “mass formation”–the fact-checkers reviewed it and the experts told us this is not the case. Stop peddling misinformation, Lauren.