Letter: Republicans take John Mutz to task for opposition to Trump

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Republicans from around the state of Indiana are perplexed to say the least and, in most cases, deeply disappointed to see former lieutenant governor John Mutz attack President Trump and endorse Joe Biden for the presidency of the United States [“I’m still a proud Republican, but we must defeat Trump,” Sept. 25].

By doing so he promotes a political philosophy that runs counter to the views he stood for when he held various offices many years ago.

We reflect on the fact that this president has strengthened our economy in significant ways, lowered the tax burden on our citizens, stemmed the flood of illegal immigrants entering our country, challenged our allies to pay their fair share to support our alliances, taken on big pharmaceutical companies that charge more for their products in this country than they do overseas, and stood up to other countries who have taken advantage of us at the negotiating table for many years in matters of trade and military assistance.

We also consider the fact that, for decades, conservatives have worked to elect presidents committed to reversing the work product of a runaway activist federal judiciary. No president named Nixon, Ford, Reagan or Bush has been successful in restoring the Supreme Court to its proper role of interpreting the law as opposed to making policy that should rightfully reside with the legislative branch of government. This president has been afforded the opportunity to appoint a third distinguished jurist to the court and reverse a decades-long pattern of liberal judicial activism.

Let us then also consider that this president has succeeded in unprecedented and historic efforts to bring peace to the Middle East, yet another goal that has eluded his predecessors.

Not bad for a president who fights a hostile media that has demonstrated breathtaking bias with its anti-Trump coverage every day during his 2016 campaign and every additional day during his entire first term of office.

If John Mutz could have achieved on the state level what the Trump administration achieved nationally, he would have rushed to press with a special campaign brochure touting his achievements that Hoosier voters would surely have respected and appreciated. Mr. Mutz should not be surprised, therefore, that others who embrace the conservative principles for which he once stood disagree with his recent change of political heart and identity.

We know that Hoosier Democrats do not advocate for some of the more extreme positions that are being advanced in various cities around the country, but that does not diminish our concerns when we see voices on the left sanctioning riots, embracing a cancel culture mentality, socialism, and radical environmentalism. More alarming is the fact that these positions are advanced not just by the radical left but, sad to say, a good many in the media, Hollywood, the academic community, and celebrated athletes in the world of professional sports.

Dangerous trends to be sure. Apparently not dangerous enough for our friend John Mutz to place them at the top of his list of concerns for the country. He dislikes Trump’s style of leadership and with that as his guiding principle, departs from a defense of policy that defends and protects free enterprise, limitations on government powers, and individual freedom.

While we regret Mr. Mutz has taken leave from his party, unlike many with whom he now aligns, we still respect his right to express his newfound view. But we are also compelled to follow his public announcement with a contrary view that represents the thinking of a vast, vast majority of Republicans in this state.


Rex Early, Former State Representative and Former GOP State Chairman

Jeff Cardwell, Former Indianapolis City-County Councilor and Former GOP State Chairman

Gordon Durnil, Former GOP State Chairman and veteran of numerous state and national Republican campaigns

Ed Simcox, Former Indiana Secretary of State and Former Secretary of the Indiana Republican Party

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