WIBC-FM names on-air successor to ‘Chicks on the Right’ co-founder

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Casey Daniels
Casey Daniels will become the co-host of the “Kendall and Casey Show” on WIBC-FM 93.1 on April 4. (Photo provided by Emmis Communications)

Casey Daniels, whose radio career includes a stint at Indianapolis station WZPL-FM 99.5, is joining the staff of WIBC-FM 93.1 as co-host of a morning talk show.

Daniels will succeed “Chicks on the Right” co-founder Miriam “Mock” Weaver as the on-air partner of Rob Kendall on a show that airs 9 a.m. to noon. Previously known as “The Mock ’N Rob Show,” the new “Kendall and Casey Show” will debut on April 4.

Weaver exited WIBC in January, citing her opposition to COVID-19 vaccination requirements for Emmis Communications employees as one of the reasons for her departure. Weaver co-founded conservative media duo “Chicks on the Right” with Amy Jo “Daisy” Clark in 2009.

Daniels will return to Indianapolis from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she served as program director for classic rock station WFGR-FM.

From 2005 to 2008, Daniels worked as a weekend on-air personality at WZPL. She also has worked for radio and TV stations in South Bend.

“Casey is a storyteller with great curiosity and creativity,” Emmis-Indianapolis vice president of programming David Wood said in a written statement. “Pairing her with Rob Kendall and his deep knowledge of how local and state government works (or doesn’t work) will create a very entertaining and informative show.”

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23 thoughts on “WIBC-FM names on-air successor to ‘Chicks on the Right’ co-founder

  1. Exciting news but would be better if Rob Kendall was replaced. His rantings and ravings are over the top, not particularly thoughtful, and I’m really tired of hearing everything is “bull-crap.”

    1. Yeah, Rob “everyone else is so stupid” Kendall is annoying, like when he raises the pitch of his voice breathlessly to make a point. I’ll give the new show a chance but if he is condescending to his new partner like he was to Mock, that will be it for me.

    1. Actually, he doesn’t. I’ve been a conservative Republican all my life. Kendall is not a conservative. He is a Trumper. He spouts Trump talking points 24/7. No independent thought whatsoever.

    2. Paul Ogden, he praises Thomas Massie as the Congressman to stand up to Trump’s idiotic not conservative but socialist first coronavirus budget-busting bill. He is also much less interventionist than Trump on war. You used to be an interesting reporter and blogger on local issues, but now spout anti “Trump talking points 24/7. No independent thought whatsoever.” I miss the old Paul Ogden focused on local issues, where you and Rob are in near 100% agreement (though he thinks TIF is good, except in Carmel).


      Eric Morris

    3. It’s so hilarious watching all the never-trumpers out-flex one another and engage in intellectual somersaults trying to make their preferred candidate (Biden) seem more competent than an orange-painted reality TV star, real estate mogul, and tawdry wrestling showman. Who was of course still vastly more competent than Biden.

      It’s almost like they hold some delusion that neo-conservativism still has any real political viability. Oh wait–that’s exactly what they’re doing.

      In the highly unlikely event that 2024 leads to a runoff between two geezers, Mitt Romney versus Bernie Sanders, Bernie would be the far better candidate. Sure, some of Bernie’s fiscal ideas are highly unappealing, but he doesn’t entirely despise people outside of the political aristocracy, and Bernie would be far less likely to hurl us into World War III than Mitt, who seems to be cheering for it even now.

    4. Do you have any evidence of Trump’s competence?

      Operation Warp Speed? True. He wrote a check and those scientists that he despises delivered. Of course, I’d give him more credit if he hadn’t indulged his base in all those nonsense conspiracy theories … continuing to tell people what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.

      Past that, he gave the ultra rich a big tax cut and stood by while Mitch McConnell packed the courts with far-right ideologues from the Federalist Society, some of whom had never tried a case or taken a deposition. We need more people like Josh Hawley (he of the Stanford and Yale degrees) and Ted Cruz (graduate of Princeton and Yale) to proclaim they’re men of the people. Please, go on about the glory of populism some more while I note the hypocrisy.

      Got anything else? Remember when Trump ran for office and pointed out rightly that we needed to fix our infrastructure? Under whose administration did Infrastructure Week become a running joke and under whose administration was an infrastructure bill actually passed?

      Get back to me on competence when Biden starts going through Cabinet members like he’s Chuck Barris.

      Trump could make the case “vote for me, what do you have to lose?” before his election. Now that he has a political record, he’s has answered the question “more than you ever imagined”.


  2. Hmmm
    If you actually listen to Rob, he is far more libertarian than a Trump republican.
    Besides, what’s wrong with government accountability? “By the people..” is something of which we all need to regain control.
    I will grant you he can get on some rants but they will make you more aware of what goes on in politics. Don’t always agree with him but definitely will open one’s eyes!!

    1. What is this “regain control” nonsense? We have elections and we choose who we send to represent us.

      If you don’t like who is in office and what they do, that’s partially on you. Choose differently in the next election.

      Example – I loathe John Jacob. I think he has no business holding elected office but thanks to the people like me who didn’t vote in the primary we had in the middle of a pandemic, he’s there. This May, I’m looking forward to voting in the next Republican primary just to get rid of John Jacob. I may not vote for whomever the other candidate is in the general election, but if I ended up stuck with her in the general election, I find the odds small she’d be worse than John Jacob.

    2. Excellent, point, John B. Pay attention, Paul O. and Joe B; maybe Rob would open your eyes, too…or would you rather continue being played by the likes of career political deadwood like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama & Company, et. al?

    3. What exactly do you think you’re following, Bob?

      McConnell, the king of court packing? McCarthy, who has the backbone of a Kleenex? Hawley? Cruz? Rubio? Banks? Jordan? Hard pass, thanks.

      The Republican bench isn’t exactly the ‘27 Yankees of serious politicians. More like the ‘62 Mets.

  3. Welcome Casey, good luck. I’m a big WIBC fan but I think Rob Kendall is totally obnoxious. My least favorite announcer. I’m sure you’ll bring something positive to the show.

  4. Rob Kendall must go. He’s nothing more than a talentless complainer. His screeds border on unhinged on a daily basis.
    He continually attacks the State Health Commissioner because she is a gynecologist. Last time I checked, gynecologists are full doctors and go to med school. She in particular went to IU’s Medical School. What medical school did the pathetically uninformed Mr. Kendall go to that he bases his medical proclamations on?
    Mr. Kendall once held public office. Did he switch because it’s easier to just complain as opposed to actually doing something?

  5. Whoppee. Another mindless radio talking head who probably does nothing more than scans Breitbart, Fox News Channel, NewsMax, and Info Wars to spoon feed more misinformation, conspiracy theories, and outright lies to an audience that wouldn’t know critical thinking if it hit them right between the eyes. And owner Jeff Smulyan laughs all the way to the bank. Boy do ever I miss the old WIBC that delivered actual news instead of the toxic garbage that talk-radio spouts.

  6. Me, again. I am a looooooong-time WIBC listener and really like talk radio. But I want actual news and facts so I can make up my own mind, and to do that would like both sides to a situation. And then not be disparaged because I don’t agree with the on-air talent.