FEIGENBAUM: Even among GOP, compromises are a must

While some governors prefer to hold their legislative-agenda cards close to the vest before bully-pulpit time, Holcomb appears to want to get the legislative train rolling and doesn’t appear to be harboring any major programs announcement for the State of the State speech.

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FEIGENBAUM: Hard realities impose basic design of next Indiana budget

Now that the budget bill has crossed the rotunda, we suggested last week that the Senate Committee on Appropriations chairman, Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, was likely to pare back some spending proposed by the typically less-frugal House. That will certainly be true, a circumstance made more likely—if not yet exigent—by recently released February state revenue numbers. […]

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FEIGENBAUM: Lawmakers belatedly turn attention to gambling

After an interim study committee—stacked with lawmakers favorable to gambling interests—recommended a series of items to help Indiana’s casinos and racinos compete with expanded gambling options in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio, it took until Feb. 12 for the principal bill to be heard in a House committee.

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