Study: Legalizing medical marijuana doesn’t solve the opioid crisis

Marijuana legalization is enjoying a surge of support, both among American voters and 2020 presidential candidates. But that enthusiasm has led to some hasty claims about the drug’s usefulness that aren’t borne out by research. Five years ago—as the country’s opioid crisis had just started garnering national attention—a study got a lot of buzz suggesting […]

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More than 180 CEOs sign letter opposing restrictions on abortion

More than 180 CEOs have signed an open letter opposing state efforts to restrict reproductive rights, as business leaders weigh how to most effectively exert pressure on abortion bans. Square chief executive and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey as well as fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg and others wrote that restrictions on abortion access threatens the […]

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SAT’s new rating system faces its own adversity

College admissions testing was long viewed as a great equalizer. All students could aim for a maximum 36 on the ACT or 1600 on the SAT, no matter where they grew up or went to school. Their scores functioned as a currency of merit for a nation that aspired to meritocracy. Now, even the College […]

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